Sunday, April 18, 2010

Best Buds

Friday afternoon Kaisen, Rylan, Daniel, and I went to a few garage sales. One of the best things I've found so far this spring were these crocs. They've got monkeys on the top and are totally adorable. Rylan already has a pair of crocs, so now the babies can match this summer!

After garage sales we stopped by Raab McDonald's for some lunch. Michelle, the GM, gave the boys ice cream cones. Kaisen loved his!
Yesterday we all went to garage sales again. This time I found these totally cute spongebob slippers! Kaisen seems to like them (they're fun to play with) and they're not as easy to get off as socks are.
So yesterday afternoon we hung out at Daniels house. They boys love playing together. So I'm sitting there watching a movie and the next thing I know Kaisen is climbing on the shelf under the end table. He's definitely going to be a climber!
And of course Rylan had to join in on the fun.
A little bit later Kaisen climbs in Rylan's Cozy Coupe and starts playing in there. Well as soon as Rylan saw that he started climbing in too.

Yea, it was a crazy day.
Today Kaisen and I just hung around the house, relaxing after a busy couple of days. I'm looking online and saw a recipe for teething biscuits. Kaisen loves his "Biter Biscuits" that I buy from Wal-Mart, but they're expensive. So I thought I'd try this out. Here's the finished product:
And here's what Kaisen thought of them:
He ate 2. I'm so happy he liked them, they're really quite easy to make.
And then this is what you get when you spend awhile chasing dogs and running into moms legs in your walker:
A tired baby. (Notice his feet? At one point he was trying to escape his walker, he was actually standing up on the seat. At this point he was in the process of falling down back into the seat.) He's now in his bed, sleeping. Another busy weekend for the baby!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Busy Days and Funny Pictures!

Every day is an adventure with this little guy. It's not a normal day when something crazy doesn't happen.

Here's Kaisen in his pooh PJ's (or what I like to call his "PooJ's" ha!)
While I'm getting ready for bed, Kaisen plays with his toys in the bathroom with me. So on this particular night, I look over at him and this is what I see:
Just sitting in his ducky tub playing with his toys like he's taking a bath! Of course, there was some left over water in there from his last bath, so he ended up with a wet butt.

Saturday we got up early and headed out for garage sales (Me, Kaisen, Grandma, Uncle Daniel and Cousin Rylan). That afternoon we ate lunch at went to McGraw Park. The boys had lots of fun!
Of course it wouldn't be a fun day if someone didn't get mauled.

Sunday Uncle Daniel and Rylan came over here and ate dinner with us. Kaisen's doing much better with his solid foods. We're not in a big hurry for table foods, but I'll give him little bit's of food here and there. I had heard of a friend giving her baby (same age as Kaisen) a broccoli tree to eat by himself. Well for dinner we had broccoli, so I gave Kaisen his own tree to eat. Well then he decided he'd rather play with it. The only bits he got in his mouth were the pieces I put in there. Needless to say by the time he was done, he needed a bath.

Monday morning we got out of bed maybe around 930. We came upstairs, I fed him breakfast and decided to give him little bits of cheese. So for awhile he's just going crazy with the cheese, having a good time. I'm sitting next to him, checking email and stuff. At one point I notice he's real quiet. So I look over at him and he's falling asleep. This would be the first time he fell asleep in his high chair, and it's not the most comfortable high chair either!
I eventually transferred him to his crib and he slept for 3 hours! One of the longest naps also!

Tuesday I spent all day cleaning and organizing most of the basement. I used to have this colorful shelf thing as my nightstand, but no longer needed it. So I decided to use it as Kaisen's toy box.
He loves it! I tried a couple hats on him also.

Yesterday, he woke up from his nap while I was in the shower. I would usually just let him sit in his crib, but for some reason, he woke up in a bad mood. He was crying louder than usual. So I got out and got him. I figured I'll just throw him in the shower with me. Well he loved that too. (Sorry, no pics of us in the shower :P)

That night me and Grandma were in charge of babysitting Rylan and we had plans to go to Walmart. I dressed Kaisen after our shower and decided to do something with his hair.
He looked soo cute! Before Walmart, we went to Fiesta Ranchero for dinner. The babies looked pretty funny in their highchairs on the end of the booth.
At Walmart. They loved that seat.

We got home and got ready for bed. It was a busy day and Kaisen was worn out!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Since I haven't updated in awhile, I wanted to share some pics.

Monday, April 5, 2010

A weekend in New Orleans

Sorry I haven't posted much. I haven't quite gotten back in the flow of things since moving.
This past weekend we went to New Orleans for more of Em's VB games. We left Thursday morning and drove the whole way. Kaisen's quite the traveling fool! He did great on the way down. We were afraid we'd be making extra stops, but we didn't. He played and slept in his car seat and was able to play in the grass when we stopped for meals and gas.
Friday night Kaisen and I met up with friends from JM, Angela, Troy and their son London. We went to dinner at a great pizza place called Slice, grabbed dessert at Cafe Du Monde (which I strongly recommend!), then walked around the town.
While at dinner, Kaisen and London got to interact a little bit, but Kaisen was focused on poking his eyes out. Angela let me borrow her Ergo Sport carrier while we walked around town. I loved it because it was super comfortable and didn't hurt my shoulders or back. Kaisen must have liked it because he slept most the time! Hopefully we'll be able to meet up again when they're back in Chicago this summer.

Saturday night we went walking around the town again. Kaisen rode along in his stroller and loved seeing all the people. He fell asleep before we got back to the hotel. Sunday morning we drove around and saw more sights, then we headed home that afternoon. Once again Kaisen did awesome. He really only cried when he was tired or hungry. He slept a lot and kept himself busy with toys and other random objects.

Playing with his shoe

Messy face!

Sleeping in his stroller

Playing on Grandmas suitcase

Playing hide and seek

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