Sunday, January 31, 2010

He loves them boxes....

I had heard about this program "Baby Smash" awhile ago. I wasn't sure what it was so a couple nights ago I decided to check it out. It's a program where babies and toddlers can play on the keyboard and keys like Esc., Ctrl, Windows, etc are locked, so they can't harm the computer. Kaisen loved it. He played on it for awhile with a smile on his face the whole time!

Last night Kaisen was playing on the floor by himself. He had his little toy box sitting on the floor next to him. John and I were watching TV. At one point I looked at Kaisen and this is what I saw:

I thought it was pretty funny. But then he couldn't get down, so Daddy had to help him. Then this is what Kaisen did:

Then he proceeded to drag every toy out.

Today was a busy day. We went with Grandma and Grandpa to run errands to get us out of the house. We went to the mall and he got to ride in his new umbrella stroller. He pulled one of his socks off and was chewing on it, then at some point he dropped it somewhere and we lost it. We were going to let him ride on the carousel, but he ended up falling asleep.

Kaisen just got a brand new convertible car seat and we still had the box laying around. So I laid it on the floor for Kaisen to play with. I threw some toys in there and he enjoyed going in there, getting the toys and playing.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Always a Busy Baby

No matter what Kaisen and I have planned for our days, he's always so busy. There's always something to play with, something to check out, something or someone to talk to, something to fuss about.
Today was just another day at home. For some reason he woke up early this morning. 8:30! I don't know why he woke up so early. So we sat out in the living room and watched Teen Mom till 10 when he finally fell back asleep. Mommy enjoyed the 2 1/2 hour nap we got.
Later he helped Mommy with the dishes and laundry. And he tried carrots for the first time! He absolutely loved them...or at least I think he did. A lot of it ended up on his face rather than in his mouth. A few days ago I bought a jar of carrots, poured it into an ice cube tray and froze it. So today I took a frozen carrot cube and stuffed it in his mesh feeder. At one point, I could hear him chewing on the ice. Guess that's a keeper.

I don't know where I got this outfit from. I think it came in a group of clothes I had bought off Craigslist. Kaisen hadn't worn it yet and is getting close to growing out of his 3-6 month clothes. So I figured since we were just staying home all night, he could wear it. I have to admit, he looked a little dorky, but oh so adorable! It has a little reindeer head on the shirt, hat and both feet. It's cute.

BTW, yes those are socks he's eating. He has a couple pairs of socks just laying around the living room that he likes to carry around with him everywhere he goes. Not sure what's so cool about plain white socks, but they're quiet and cheap!
Last night when Kaisen woke up for his midnight snack, I was about out of bed to get him when John yelled "Kaisen!" Scared the crap out of me. I guess Kaisen was standing in his bassinet. Oh, how scary! For awhile I was using the excuse "our baby monitor sucks" so we didn't have to put Kaisen in his crib. But now we have a brand new monitor that works just fine. Now I have no excuses as to why he still sleeps in his bassinet, except I'm not ready for him to be so far away!! I think tonight, I just might give it a try though. *Sigh*

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Standing already?

Even though I told him not to, I know Kaisen's growing up. So why does it surprise me so much every time he reaches a new milestone? Last night he pulled himself up from his belly to a standing position. The first time it happened so fast I didn't realize he was doing it.
I was sitting on the living room floor playing on my laptop, which was on the coffee table. Miley comes over and sits on my lap. Then Kaisen comes crawling over and starts pulling on my arm. So I stick my arm out for him to play with. All of a sudden, I look over at him and he standing, one hand on me and the other on Miley. I could not believe it! So of course I had to get a video of it.

Ta Da!!

Original Video - More videos at TinyPic

Also a pic from last night. Grandma and Grandpa got Kaisen a couple of new sleepers with matching hats when they were in Aurora last weekend. He looked totally cute in the puppy dog one.

Today we went to lunch with Grandma and Aunt Phyllis. He love his Aunt Phyllis. Then we went shopping at Walmart for birthday presents for Daddy, then went to the mall and got some much needed exercise. Well Mommy did. Kaisen got to ride in his stroller for the first time without his car seat attached to it. He had fun and fell asleep as soon as we loaded up in the car to go home. Busy day!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

To Give It Another Try, or Not To Give It Another Try

We started feeding Kaisen solids on January 9th, 4 days short of his 6 month birthday. Well it went as expected. He didn't eat much, didn't quite know what to do. 2 weeks later, nothing has changed. He doesn't open his mouth for the spoon at all. The only way to get food in his mouth is to make him smile or shove it it there when he's talking. He eventually catches on to that fancy little trick and then refuses to talk or smile with his mouth open. So I decided we'd wait on solids a little bit longer. A couple days ago I heard about this mesh feeder where the baby can feed themselves. So I decided to give that a try today. I cut up some banana, put it in the feeder and let Kaisen go at it. Boy, did he have a good time!

Showing off that messy face!

Last night we went and got Kaisen's 6 month pics taken. He did fantastic! He is such a model baby!