Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just a Short Break

I haven't posted in a couple of weeks. Kaisen and I have moved in with my parents. I haven't had a lot of time to post. I'll try to update everything as much as I can.

President's Day weekend Kaisen and I went to Schaumburg with Grandma to watch Aunt Emily play her volleyball games. We left Friday night, got there around 11, then came back home Monday evening.

Hanging out at the building where the games were held.

Playing with Grandma's scarf.

Playing in the hallway between games.

Being goofy!

Daniel bought Rylan a little duck bath awhile ago and he finally outgrew it, so he gave it to Kaisen. He loves it. Now he can sit up in the bath and not worry about falling down.

Last weekend me and mom had an all day crop in Streator on Sat, then that night we drove to Aurora to watch Em play volleyball on Sunday. Kaisen did good at the crop. He played in his pack n play or entertained himself on the floor.

Here's pics from Aurora.

Raiding his diaper bag.

Trying to grab a powerade from the machine.
Flirting with some volleyball girls

Tuesday Kaisen and I went and met mom for lunch, then hung out at Daniel's house until mom got off work. Kaisen and Rylan love playing together.

He learned how to take off the top part of his high chair tray. He does that everytime he eats now.

Speaking of eating, he's doing so great now! He eats 3 meals a day. Oatmeal and banana for breakfast, a fruit for lunch, and a veggie for dinner. We'll be introducing meats soon. He's starting to eat a full 2.5 oz jar in one sitting. We'll be moving to stage 2 foods very soon!
I think that's all to update for now. We'll be staying in a hotel again tomorrow night. Dad took out the carpet all upstairs and put in wood floors. He has to put 3 more coats of stain on the wood, so we're getting out of the house while he does it. It's looking great!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Maybe We Like Solids Afterall!

Long time no update! So we had the scrapbooking retreat last weekend. Kaisen did awesome! Uncle Daniel came everyday and really helped out, so I was able to get a lot of work done. The little time that Kaisen was in the room with me, he made it rough. He was trying to go every where and get into everything. But we had a blast as always. Hopefully they have another retreat in November. I won't be nursing Kaisen by then so he'll be staying home with Daddy. Here are some pics from our weekend:

Playing with Grandma's trash can.
Me, Kaisen, my friend Bre and her son Jaxon (1 month old)

Mom, me, Kaisen, Bre, Jaxon, Bre's mom, and our Creative Memories consultant, Cassie.

Monday he had his 6 month appt. It went very well. He had more shots. Thankfully no more shots till he's a year old! But he took them like a man! He cried when he got the shots, but Daddy picked him up when the nurse was done and then Kaisen was all smiles. He weighed in at 15lbs 12oz (below the 5th percentile according to and is 28.5in long (75-90th percentile). He hasn't gained much since his last appt in Dec., but I'm sure that's because he's moving so much now. He's getting much better about eating his solids, so I'm sure he'll be gaining more weight soon.
Speaking of solids, ever since I gave him the yogurt he's been very good about eating most of what he's been given. Sunday night he ate a whole jar of applesauce (the first time he's eaten it). Last night he ate a whole jar of green beans. He tried sweet peas Monday night and liked those. I made carrots from him (boiled and pureed frozen carrots), but he didn't seem to like those too much. He's had the jarred carrots, but only in the mesh feeder. So maybe we'll try those again and see what he does. Yesterday I made applesauce and that was a big hit! He ate a bunch of it for lunch today. Today I made green beans and he doesn't like it as much as the jarred green beans, but he ate some. We went out to eat with my family tonight, so he was quite distracted too. Eating wasn't a priority.
Sunday night me, John, and Kaisen went to mom and dad's house. We ate dinner there and watched the game. Kaisen spent a lot of time playing with Rylan. Since Kaisen is older he interacts more with Rylan. Now they "talk" to each other, crawl over each other, and steal toys from each other. They're real fun to watch.
Yesterday we did a lot of shopping. We went to dinner at Fazoli's. John gave Kaisen the plastic lid from my salad and he played with that while we ate. Funny stuff!

After eating, we went to Chuck E Cheese. We like going there and just playing the games (mostly skee ball and basketball). Kaisen loves going there. There's so much to look at and play with. He wanted to ride one of the little trucks, so we let him.

I think that's all I have to update for now. To wrap up tonight's blog, a couple funny pics:

This is what's famously known as the "triple spoon". Grandma (who didn't want to be shown), Aunt Emily, and Kaisen.

Just a funny bath pic with his crazy hair!

Friday, February 5, 2010

First Comes Standing, Then Comes Walking

Kaisen started the month of January barely sitting up by himself. It's amazing how far he has come in just over a month. He has 2 teeth already, can sit up by himself, can even put himself into a sitting position from his belly, can pull himself to a standing position and yesterday he started walking from one end of the couch to the other just to get my computer. I don't know what happened to my quiet little baby that would sit on the floor in his boppy for an hour. How did he get so old?
Well anyway, Tuesday the 2nd was Uncle Daniel's birthday so we went to lunch with him, Grandma and cousin Rylan. After that we ran to Walmart to grab something. While there I went to the baby isle (I do this every time I'm there now) and I saw Gerber baby yogurt on the shelf. Girls on my JM forum have been talking about it and said their babies loved it. So I decided to give it a try. Kaisen loves it! He actually opens his mouth for it! This is the kid that will not open his mouth for baby cereal, green beans (jarred and fresh), or bananas (jarred or fresh). He loves the yogurt though. So maybe this weekend I'll try giving him something else and see what he does.
Wednesday the 3rd was Daddy's birthday. So Kaisen and I took him to Destihl for dinner. Kaisen looked so handsome!

Yesterday Kaisen spent the day mastering the art of pulling himself to a stand. He did it on pretty much everything he could get his hands on. He had his share of falls and even got a little scrape on his forehead when he hit his head on the coffee table. He's a little monkey man, I tell ya.

Here's the video of him walking along the couch, headed straight for my computer. (sorry it's sideways)

I've also got some funny bath pics from last night. I remember the days when he'd lay on his back in the bath tub and all he could do was shake his hands and kick his legs. Then he started attacking his feet, rolling over, choking on water. Now all he wants to do is sit or stand up (which scares the crap out of Mommy!) in the tub.

His gorilla pose, I don't know where he learned that.

This weekend I have a scrapbooking event at a local hotel. We go this afternoon and come back Sunday afternoon. We did it in November and Kaisen was great. But now he's a mover and a stander, so we'll see how this weekend goes!