Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Lots of updates

A lot has happened since my last post:
His eating has really changed! He still eats jarred food here and there but eats tons of table foods! He gets nursed just a few times a day, mostly in the early morning, before nap and bedtime. I will be weaning him once he's a year old. At this point it's gotten way too painful with his teeth. It will be a slow process because he is addicted!!
Nights have definitely improved! He now sleeps through the night. I remember back when I was first transitioning him to the crib. I'd have to nurse him to sleep, then try not to breathe as I lay him down so he wouldn't wake up. Some nights would take multiple tries. He was still waking a few times throughout the night and would eventually end up in bed with me. Now he nurses for a few a little bit then goes straight in his crib and to sleep...by himself. Some nights he requires me stand next to his crib with my hand on his back, but most times he's fine to be by himself. He sleeps straight through the night, till 6 or 7am. Makes me so proud!
He is working on his 5th tooth. His 3rd popped through in April, his 4th in May and I noticed his 5th on Sunday, his 11 month birthday. The 4th tooth was really rough. His gum was swollen for a few weeks before anything popped through. He got a fever and double ear infection. May was pretty much a bad tooth month for him. He doesn't seem to be having too much of a rough time with this coming tooth.
The day he got sick with his fever and double ear infection.

He's not far from walking. He stands by himself for long periods of time quite often. He can bend down, pick something up, and stand back up without holding on to anything. He's taken a few steps here and there. The only problem is I think he just wants to run. So that's kind of slowing him down. I'm waiting for the day to come that he just starts walking, like he knew what he was doing all along. That seems to be a trend with him.
He's shy. We were up in North Aurora over the weekend for Em's VB games. Anyone who looked at him got a huge smile in return, but if that person came near him, the smile disappeared and he wouldn't even look at them.
He's a major grandma's boy! There are days where he just wants nothing to do with me, he just wants grandma. I'm afraid it's not just a phase either, this has gone on for a few weeks now. I'm glad he loves his grandparents so much. He rarely sees his grandparents on his dad's side (their choice!) so he has no clue who they are.
He says a few words now. "Uh oh". Sometimes he says the whole thing, but most of the time it's "oohh". He'll say it when he drops/throws things or falls down. "Ma" for more. He says it when he's being fed. "Ba" for bye. He was just doing the hand wave for bye bye, then one day he started saying "ba" while waving. He did it a few times that day and maybe a couple since then. He also says "mama" and "dada" but he doesn't know what those mean yet.
He had his 9 month appointment on May 10th. He weighed 19.2 pounds and was 29.5 inches long. Whenever people ask how old he is, they are shocked to find out he's under a year old because they think he's so big. Maybe he's slightly tall for his age, but he's definitely not big!! He's still wearing mostly 6-9 month clothes and 3-6 month shorts because his waist is so skinny.
This kid is spoiled beyond spoiled! We started garage saling in the spring for his summer clothes. He's got so much clothes it's not even funny! He has close to 1 outfit for every day of summer. He's got tons of shoes too!
Only 1 month left till his first birthday. I am but not looking forward to it. We're having a monkey theme party at a park. Hopefully it goes over well.

Wearing his swim suit for the first time.

Playing with his dirty laundry

Playing in the pool with Rye

Playing at the park

Helping grandpa mow

The water was cold

Happy to be out of the pool!

Naked baby on the loose!!

His first big booboo. He was climbing off the porch, lost his footing, and fell head first off the second step. Not long after he forgot all about it.

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